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On April 4, people plant trees all over Rojava; let’s follow their example!

Every year on April 4th, people, municipalities, and self-government councils plant trees all over Rojava. People come together; from young to old, everyone takes part in these events. It is an act of ecological as well as anti-colonial struggle and gained a place in the consciousness of the people of whole Kurdistan and beyond. Also this year, despite all the attacks on the people and nature of Rojava by the Turkish state, thousands of trees are going to be planted in the region on this date.

Why this action?

The Syrian regime’s ban on planting trees beyond the prescribed monocultures makes reforestation one of the most important tasks of the ecological revolution in Rojava. April 4th is the birthday of Abdullah Öcalan, the founder and forethinker of the Kurdish freedom movement. He developed the idea of democratic confederalism, the radical political system that is being built in Rojava. People all over Kurdistan feel very close to Abdullah Öcalan, as they appreciate his efforts and endeavors for social liberation and democratization in Kurdistan. Abdullah Öcalan himself has been very attached to nature since his youth and has always worked to preserve nature in all the places where he has worked.

In his concept of democratic confederalism, he gave ecology a central place alongside the cornerstones of women’s liberation and grassroots democracy. He bases this on the idea that for most of history, people and their environment have lived in a symbiosis of mutual relations without excessive exploitation and destruction, and that this way of life has always ensured healthy social progress. In his writings, Abdullah Öcalan therefore advocates strengthening this connection again and thus restoring the unbalanced relationship between humans and nature.

For his ideas and his struggle for freedom and peace, Abdullah Öcalan has been kidnapped and set in complete isolation for 25 years, in a state of torture. No meeting with his lawyers and family had been allowed in the last two years and a half, violating all the international laws for imprisoned people. Therefore, this tree-planting action is also a call for the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and his thoughts. The importance that Abdullah Öcalan and his work play for the people and the great importance he attaches to ecology are the reasons why trees will be planted throughout Rojava on April 4.

Abdullah Öcalan and his work changed the lives of many people fundamentally. On the basis of his efforts, ecological councils, reforestation programs, and social ecology are established in Rojava and North-East Syria, and a strong anti-colonial ecological awareness is built.

As Make Rojava Green Again, we call on all our friends to join the people of Rojava and plant trees everywhere on April 4th to contribute to the ecological revolution and show solidarity with the people of Rojava.

Send us the pictures of your planted trees: [email protected]

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