How to Support the WayOut of the Kurdish Movement…

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How to Support the WayOut of the Kurdish Movement…

Rojava is a faraway land where multiple ancient societies has settled since the beginning of time.

People have lived in this territory for thousands of years beneficiating from its resources, its soil fertility and its water richness in a multicultural synergic environment.

Since the last decades Rojava, as great part of the middle east, has been place of colonization and exploitation for capitalistic accumulation and people oppression. Lands has been deforested, biodiversity has decreased incredibly, such as soil ecological balance and water availability. People has been forced to move away from its native land because they became unable to afford their livelihood. As if that were not enough, Rojava has recently been affected by a cruel war that has brought death and has definitively altered and destroyed its ecological balance, causing millions of refugees.

However, the population of Rojava resisted and rebelled against the colonial and capitalist modernity that wanted to be implanted by Turkish rulers, in collaboration with terroristic groups such as ISIS.

Thus, population of Rojava started a revolutionary process to oppose to the destructive capitalist model the project of ‘Democratic Confederalism’; a democratic, ecological and equal model to organize society. Such process started to be known with the heroic resistance of Kobane. According to ‘Democratic Confederalism’, autonomy is granted for communities to share and manage their land, ecological practices are implemented instead of exploitative ones and women’s liberation is at the base of all the process.

Thus, the link between human beings and nature is reestablished.

In order to support the Democratic Confederalism project, the Internationalist Academy of Rojava built a campaign to support the ecological reconstruction in Rojava. Make Rojava Green Again gather people, ideas, knowledge and practices from all other the world to rebuild the ecological balance of the territory. But is not just about experts, Rojava needs people who wants to learn, participate and become part of the Revolution.

Rojava needs us, but even more, we need Rojava. We need hope, faith, inspiration and new perspectives in a collective struggle against oppression .

In the Western world the authoritarian state and rightwing movements are celebrating their comeback. Trump, Erdogan and Putin are removing the last masks of democracy. In the face of this developments, most revolutionary movements stand frozen. Marginalized and without perspectives, scattered and estrangeed, the only role the system live for them is to observe and criticize.

Rojava present a way to overcome this dilemma: Learning from the Kurdish movement means to organize and spread the revolution.

You can help us in different ways….

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Ways to contribute

Spread the word!

Be it on social media or by word of mouth, we are always happy to reach more people. Feel free to spread our material and ideas!       

Invite your friends to our Newsletter!

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Share your knowledge!

We are still looking for people to help us with some of our technical projects. If you an environmental engineer, you know about ecological agriculture or you have other knowledge which might be useful for us, we would be more than happy for you to reach out to us.

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Read our book, start reading circles!

To get a broader understanding of our campaign and background to the revolution we recommend our book. As a starting point to get started working in solidarity with Rojava good experiences were made with reading circles. If you need assistance feel free to contact us!

Get the book!

Connect us with experts!

Especially for our renewable energy, waste recycling and water treatment projects we are looking for engineers and technicians who can point us in the right direction.

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Donate money!

The reforestation of Rojava already costs a lot of money. The war which still ravages the region was created by the geopolitical meddling of Western governments who now stand back and do nothing as Syria burns. Citizens of these states must feel the responsiblity to do what their governments will not. 

You can give to the Commune’s general works via our account at the Bank of Commons.

BENEFICIARY: Xarxa autogestio Social SCCL

IBAN: ES45 1550 0001 2700 0097 2521





Come to Rojava!

Those who have the possibility should think seriously about joining us here in Rojava, to learn from the revolution, support it by sharing knowledge, and organise together with the Kurdish liberation movement. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert – we want people who feel a connection to the revolution and are willing to learn from it.

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Get connected!

The ecological problems in Rojava are connected to ecological problems everywhere in the world. In the same way, the struggles against these crises should be connected. The exploitation of nature is connected to social hierarchies and power structures in general. The solution for this lies in the concept of Democratic Confederalism and its praxis in Rojava. So let’s get in contact with one another, share our experiences and connect our struggles!

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