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New collection of texts on the topics of Social Ecology & Democratic Confederalism.

This brochure, prepared by Make Rojava Green Again in cooperation with the YXK / JXK kurdish student’s organizations and presented into the form of a reader, is made up of texts from Kurdish and Internationalist authors and aims to go more into depth in what is Social Ecology and Democratic Confederalism, as well as to be a source of inspiration for the further development of the ecological struggle. If those topics were already shortly described in our book “Make Rojava Green Again”, published in the year of 2018, we felt the need to provide a better presentation of them as they represent the core of our campaign’s philosophy. As well, it made sense for us to share with the public original texts from the creators of these concepts naming Murray Bookchin and Abdullah Öcalan. Indeed, who better could explain their own theories? But we also wanted to present some excellent texts from contemporary writers to give this subject all its actuality.

We hope that this brochure will provide the readers of our first book as well as new sympathizers in search of radical ecology thoughts, more in depth knowledge on social ecology and democratic confederalism.

Read, discuss, criticize and spread the word!