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We are greening up a school in Rojava!

We are excited to announce a new project of ours. Together with the children of Dêrîk we have been greening up the schoolyard of the elementary school “Mesrûd Mirad”. Just in time for 8th of March, the International Women’s Day, we planted more than 100 “Seru”-trees. This indigenous pine is resilient and requires comparably only a small amount of water.

With projects like this we want to contribute to the ecological development of Rojava’s environment. At the same time this project was creating a collective working-process for the children, the teachers, and us, making social ecology become very practical.

1 thought on “We are greening up a school in Rojava!”

  1. Buongiorno
    Voglio fare I miei piu grandi e sentiti complimenti a tutti e tutte Le persone e bambini che hanno e stanno realizzando questi progetti veramente unici in Un mondo parlo di quello occidentale dove oramai sopratutto I valorI riguardo madre terra sono oramai sepolti dal legoismo e dal perbenista disumano occidentale

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