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The Turkish state attacks the cornerstones of life in Rojava

Since Thursday, 5th of October there have been over 60 airstrikes, most of them in the region of Cizîre and around the city of Kobanê. The targets have been cars, villages and civilian infrastructures, such as oil and electricity plants, water facilities, factories and hospitals. As have been threatened before by the Turkish state, especially infrastructure, superstructure and energy facilities have been destroyed. Until now 16 people have been announced to be killed, among them civilians as well as members of the Internal Security forces. All of these attacks have been carried out by war drones and fight jets of the Turkish State.

By attacking the infrastructures of the society of North-East-Syria, the Turkish state tries to deprive the self-administration from economical and social autonomy. The Infrastructure is the basis for the life of the society and a lot of effort is made to create possibilities for independence from the surrounding states. Obviously the attacks aim to destroy the possibilities for the people to live, cut them away from their land and make them flee. To cut the ties between the society and its land and to take the possibility to live there means to destroy the relationship between society and nature. By attacking the cornerstones of the life of the people, the Turkish state wants to break this connection and to empty the region, destroy a society with a thousand years old history and commit a ecocide on one of the most fertile and rich geographies in the whole region.

Building up an ecological society, especially in a region that has been colonized for hundreds of years and is in the midst of a decade long war, comes with many difficulties. Alongside ongoing military confrontations, the people of North-East Syria have been facing brutal colonial policies for decades instituted by both Syria and Turkey. These policies have targeted all areas of people’s lives, from culture to politics, from ecology to the economy. For building a global social-ecology places outside the system of accumulation and exploitation of nature and human are needed to be created, only there real steps towards an ecological society can be made. In the heart of the Middle East this is being created and can play a vanguard for other places and other people.

Therefore we call everyone working and organizing for an ecological society to take the right stance against these attacks and not to remain silent. We call to create awareness among all ecological movements and to take to the streets against the war.

Defend the ecological Revolution!

#Riseup4Rojava #SmashTurkishFascism

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