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Climate justice and international solidarity

Last Friday, millions of people once again took to the streets all over the world to take part in the global climate strike. In Germany alone, over 600,000 people took to the streets in hundreds of cities. But in many places the climate strike began earlier and ended only on Saturday.

Students4Future called for a university strike on 25 November and organised public climate schools. Just in Germany, more than 80 universities went on strike and instead of the regular curriculum, discussions took place about the causes and solutions of the climate crisis. Make Rojava Green Again also participated in the search for ways out of the global ecological crisis with lectures on the ecological revolution in Rojava.

And after the Friday strike, the actions continued with the end of the site in Lausitz / Germany. More than 6000 activists responded to the call to block the coal mine in Lausitz.

Rojava leads the way – democratic, ecological, feminist”

In many actions and demonstrations from Lisbon to Berlin, from Bristol to Bern, the climate justice movement expressed its solidarity and affiliation with Rojava and the protests in Chile. In Halle, signs with the slogan “For a worldwide Rojava” made clear the symbolic character of the Rojava Revolution for the whole world. And also in Lübeck the YPG and YPJ flag flew over the banner with the inscription “Rojava leads the way – democratic, ecological, feminist”. With the slogan “climate justice means international solidarity” and the reference to the uprisings in Hong Kong, Bolivia, Chile and the revolution in Rojava, activists in Augsburg joined the ranks of the climate strike. In Brighton, the youth expressed their support for the campaign “RiseUp4Rojava” by saying: “Youth Rise Up 4 Rojava” and put the collapse of the climate in a context of capitalist and colonialist exploitation.

In Lausitz, one of the action fingers pulled into the coal mine under the slogan “Whether Lusitz or Rojava, climate protection means Antifa”. Thus they combined the ecological and antifascist struggles and showed their solidarity with Rojava.

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