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Ecologists rise up for Rojava – Organisations and people supporting our call

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement and Make Rojava Green Again call on all ecologists to join the global action days on January 27th and 28th in solidarity with the green revolution in Rojava.

The call was signed by the following organisations and individuals:

Earth First (UK)

Extinction Rebellion International

Institute for Social Ecology (USA)

Earth Strike

Symbiotic Horizon (UK)

Ende Gelände (Germany)

Hambacher Forst Besetzung (Germany)

Kurdistan Solidarity Network (UK)

Hunt Saboteur Association (UK)

Revolutionärer Aufbau Schweiz (Switzerland)

Demand Utopia (USA)

System Change Not Climate Change (Austria)

Kollektif Solidarité Liège-Rojava (Belgium)

Deep Green Resistance (USA)

YXK – Verband der Studierenden aus Kurdistan (Germany)

Rote Hilfe International

Rojavakomiteerna (Sweden)

Red Phoenix Sports Club Dublin (Ireland)

The Black Throng Orchestra (Sweden)

Plan C (UK)

TATORT Kurdistan (Germany)

Internationaler Kultur- und Solidaritätsverein Regensburg (Germany)

Interventionistische Linke, Ortsgruppen: Hamburg, Berlin, Rhein-Neckar, Nürnberg (Germany); Linksjugend solid Ortsgruppen Berlin Spandau, Konstanz (Germany)

Landsforeningen Økologisk Byggeri (Denmark)

Defend Rojava Köln (Germany)


Free the Soil


Jean Ziegler – Sociologist, Author, Member of the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council, CH

Dorian Wallace – Composer, Pianist, US

David Graeber – anthropologist and activist, US

Gökay Akbulut –  Member of Parliamant DIE LINKE, Germany

Anja Flach – writer and activist, Germany

Thomas Schmiedinger – Political Scientist, Austria

John Parker – Specialist for Arboriculture and Landscape, UK

Kerem Schamberger – communication scientist, Germany

Giovanni Russo Spena – Laywer, Italy

Simon Jacob – Chairman of the Central Council of Oriental Christians, Germany

Chris Williamson – Member of Parliament Labour Party, UK

Ismail Küpeli – Historian and Political Scientist, Germany

Eva Bulling-Schröter – Umweltausschuss DIE LINKE, Bavaria

Mohammed Elnaiem – Minister of Foreign Affairs in 400+1 black liberation movement, UK

Dilar Dirik – Kurdish Women Movement and writer, UK

Tannie Nyboe – Ecologist, Denmark

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