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Defend the ecological revolution of Rojava !

Like in October, on December 23rd the Turkish state launched again a wave of attacks on Rojava. The fascists murder and injure civilians. They target numerous essential sites. Electricity and food production, as well as hospitals, places of work among others.

Like in Artsakh, Balochistan and Palestine, the population of Rojava is facing imperialist aggression and genocidal policies.

The Revolution of Rojava struggles for implementing social-ecology, despite the hardships in a context of war and embargo. Reforestation, sustainable agricultural and economical practices, health and education ecologically-oriented, are going on. To give support is essential for creating revolutionary perspectives worldwide and to exit the destructive capitalist, statist and patriarchal system. In order to develop ecology in the region and in all Middle-East, war and embargo on Rojava must stop now!

This Revolution is challenging the logic of domination over ecosystems and destruction of environment. We call all ecological forces to support it and to take their stance against the fascist Turkish state. There are many ways to do it, take the streets, be creative, organize, rise, come to Rojava.

For an internationalist and active solidarity!

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