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Speech of Make Rojava Green Again on the Global Day for Climate Strike

Dear friends, dear school-striking youth,

We send our warmest greetings from Rojava, North-Eastern Syria, where a social revolution has been happening since 2012

The moment at which the youth rise up, no longer accepting the destruction of our future, and starting to search for something new, is the beginning of fundamental change. And this moment has come now! We no longer accept that the ecological crisis will continue day by day.

A crisis which is being created by capitalism and for which only a radical cut with this system leads a way out.

Dear friends, for many months we have been taking to the streets, and we are not the first. For decades millions of people have been demonstrating against the ecological destruction. For decades we have asked our politicians. But they are only talking. Nothing has changed. This time is over. We should not expect anything anymore from our states and governemnt. Let‘s be the solution ourselves!

In order to learn what a solution might look like we went to Rojava. Here a system is being built up which is working without a state. In this system society is organizing itself in communes. We can only solve the ecological crisis in a society which lives in balance with the nature. A society which is based on values such as solidarity and community – not on principles of competition and exploitation. We can only solve the ecological crisis by overcoming the mentality of oppression and exploitation against human and nature.

We are not lazy young people who do not want to got to school. No! We are the youth who are joyfully taking their lifes and future into their own hands. We are the engine of history, we are the Spring of a new society!

In this sense our dear friends: Let us build up a future without state and capitalism. Let us build up a world in which every human can live a free life.

We wish you, Fridays For Future, successful and loud demonstrations.

Resistance means life!

Greetings from the revolution!

Make Rojava Green Again – Make the world green again!

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