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Reforestation in Hayaka

In Rojava, the social origin of ecological problems is particularly visible. The Damascus regime has established a colonial-type economy in predominantly Kurdish areas. The Baath regime imposed monocultures of wheat in Cizir, olives in Afrin and a mix of the two in Kobane to maximize the potential to exploit the region’s natural resources. To do this, the forests were systematically razed and the population was forbidden to plant trees and vegetables. The aim was also to prevent the Kurds from being able to maintain food autonomy and force them to leave their region to work in the industries of the metropolis, thus undermining any possibility of resistance.

Our goal is to participate in the reforestation of Rojava by supporting the efforts of self-administration. One designated area for their reforestation efforts is the natural reserve Hayaka. Before the revolution, Hayaka and its lake – the lake Sefan – were exploited by the state and companies, but now, it has been declared a natural area and a ban on mass-fishing and hunting has been installed. Its close distance to our campsite made it the first area where we planted trees out of our tree nursery.

You want to support our reforestation project? You can contribute to it by donating to Make Rojava Green Again or joining us on the ground!

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