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Picture Gallery February 2018

After launch our campaign, we continued our works for make Rojava green again, with all the energy and ideas that people from all around the world start to share with us.

After the discussions with the ecology committee, the visits to the Hayaka natural reserve and the tree nursery, we decided to start a tree cooperative.

We started to work on the land near to the internationalist academy, and together with our vegetable garden, where the onions and garlics are growing, we start to plant different seeds, shoots and small trees to contribute on the reforestation of Rojava.

We also designed and built a do-it-yourself green-house, with iron bars from the building works and a big plastic. The greenhouse is important for protect the shoots we are planting not only from the cold of weeks of winter, but also from the sheeps that, from time to time, came to our place.


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