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Lizzie Orchard – Rest in Power

One month ago the radical ecological movement lost a beautiful soul. Lizzie was involved in Make Rojava Green Again and the Kurdistan Solidarity Network in England, through which they were also involved in projects working for gender liberation, radical democracy and ecology. They were a warm and light presence, and contributed so much through their insight and commitment. The following was written by a comrade about the amazing approach that Lizzie brought to political organising.

“Lizzie Orchard, our friend and comrade, sadly passed away at the age of 25 at the end of June while hiking in Peru. I will not forget the level of compassion that Lizzie brought to their interactions with the world and the people within their life. They were focussed on ecological struggles but went beyond this to look closely at the structures that create ecocide, that create patriarchy, that prop up systems of oppression, and how this makes us relate with each other. They were involved in the Ekoloji Working Group of the Kurdistan Solidarity Network, Make Rojava Green Again international coordination, and the Mala Helin project. Lizzie’s actions showed that the personal is political.”


We will be planting a tree for Lizzie in the orchard at the Internationalist Commune in Rojava, so that they will be remembered and their presence can take root in liberated territory. We send solidarity and love to our grieving comrades, take strength from Lizzie’s revolutionary approach, and renew our commitment to build on Lizzie’s contribution to the struggle.


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