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Irrigation system realised with support of UIKI Onlus and Rete Kurdistan

In the last days we set up the irrigation system for the planted trees and the tree nursery at our academy.

We as Make Rojava Green Again thank UIKI Onlus and Rete Kurdistan for their help in translating, presenting and distributing the Italian version of our book. We confirm that we received 3500 $ directly from, the chair of UIKI Onlus and member of the Kobane Reconstruction Board, Özlem Tanrikulu. Part of the money has been spent in the irrigation system. The remainder will be invested in the tree nursery as we described it in our book.

Our works in Rojava are mainly depending on donations and therefor we call on individuals and organisations to support our work also financially.

July 22 2019, Derik, Rojava

Make Rojava Green Again

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