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Our targets for challenging the ecological problems in Rojava are ambitious. As part of our reforestation drive, we want to plant 40.000 trees in Hayaka nature reserve in the Canton of Cizire. At our academy, we have started to grow a tree nursery with ten of thousands of shoots. It will work as a cooperative, supplying the society with trees.

Tree plantations lets to improve soil fertility, its ecological balance and water catchment capacity, thus make it one of the central practices to be implemented in order to improve ecological agriculture systems. For such reason it would be very useful to give a donation to plant trees and to afford all the needed equipment such as water pipes for irrigation, water pump, etc. Here is possible to choose between buying 1 tree, 10 trees or even a little forest.

Moreover, planting trees has an additional global benefit. It has been estimated that one mature tree may absorb 1 ton of CO2 each year from the atmosphere, that is like to say that the projects we are aimed to develop in Rojava has always great potential to overcome global effects of capitalistic modernity development.

For another reforestation project close to our place we need an estimad amount of 2000€.