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Call for actions against the fascist attacks against Gare in southern Kurdistan

Since 10 February the region of Gare in southern Kurdistan is bombed by the Turkish state supported by its allied imperialist forces. Because of the strong guerilla resistance, the Turkish army was unable to position troops on the ground except from Siyane. Although the fighting in Siyane continues, the guerilla has been able so far to successfully defend it and its population. The large offensive in the region of Gare must be understood as an attack on the entire Kurdish population, against the whole revolution and all anti-fascist struggles.

The Turkish state tries to break the resistance in Kurdistan with all means. They are not only taking thousands of lives, but also systematically destroying the environment to deprive the people of their livelihood. On the one hand, this is done very directly by burning the fields and forests or interrupting the water supply of the Euphrates in Rojava through dams on Turkish territory; on the other hand, it is done more indirectly by destroying the green, living environment. The isolation from the nature is kind of special warfare with which the Turkish state tries to weaken the psyche, the will and the hope of the people. Already during the occupation of Efrin, the Turkish state used this strategy to burn the olives and fruit trees, to which the population of Efrin has a strong connection and which are also a source of income for many people.

The attacks against Gare take place against the civilian population and against the guerrilla in the mountains. As ecological activists, we can only defend the guerrilla’s way of life. They are already living as collective in harmony with nature which is what we would like to achieve in the whole society. They have developed a mentality in which they just take what is needed, in which animals are again living beings instead of consumer goods. It‘s a mentality in which we can see ourselves again as part of nature instead of seeing nature as an object that can be dominated and exploited by the humans. Therefor the struggle of the guerrilla against the Turkish occupation forces must be understood as a struggle for a liberated world in which is no place for the exploitative capitalist system.

The attacks – whether in the past on Efrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, Kobane, Şengal, Til Temir or Ain Issa, or now on Gare – have all the purpose of destroying the possibility of a life based on ecology, women’s liberation, and grassroots democracy. The invasion is an attack on all those who dream of an ecological society that exists beyond the pretense of green capitalism. Therefore, as environmental and MRGA activists, we support the call of the friends of RiseUp4Rojava and the Internationalist Commune.

We call for solidarity with the guerilla and the whole revolution. Take actions and defend with us this beautiful ecological revolution!

Berxwedan jiyan e!

Make Rojava Green Again


[Call for Actions] Smash the fascists and their international collaborators everywhere!

Call for Action – 10.02.2021

Smash the fascists and their international collaborators everywhere. #RiseUpAgainstFascism

Today, in the morning hours of 10th February, the Turkish fascist state has launched a new invasion to occupy new parts of Southern Kurdistan. Accompanied by hours of heavy non-stop airstrikes and air surveillance the Turkish occupation army started to drop ground forces with helicopters in the Gare-region, which is part of the guerilla controlled Medya Defense Zones. It was just a matter of time, and largely expected, that a new operation of this kind would start in these days, but it was unclear until now if they start attacking Şengal directly, if they try for a new invasion into Rojava, especially in the Dêrik border region, or if they start with a continuation of the so-called „Operation Claw-Eagle“ that took place last year in the Heftanîn region.1

The last months, especially after the partial victory of the guerilla in Heftanîn, were used by the Turkish state to prepare for their next major move. On the one hand, the Hewlêr-Bagdad treaty against the Autonomous Administration of Şengal was implemented2 and partially realized, and on the other hand, the private army of KDP/Barzani, the Gulan forces and the Roj-Peşmerga were used to fortify the border with Rojava and to encircle the guerilla regions by installing checkpoints and garrisons inside and around the Medya Defense Zones. Especially the Gare-region, which is now the scene of heavy clashes between the fascists and the resisting guerilla, was invaded and encircled by the KDP forces. The major goal for the Turkish state was to provoke a war between KDP and PKK-guerrillas, which would have caused more division and troubles inside Kurdish society. Because this did not happen as planned, the Turkish state is now using these ground advances of KDP to occupy the region by themselves. In their first statement today, the HPG3 stated that the helicopters with the ground forces being dropped into the region did not come from the North but from the South, meaning coming from KDP-controlled area.

The Turkish defense ministry announced in the morning today that they have started a new major operation outside their borders, called: „Operation Claw-Eagle 2“. The aim is obvious: To drive further into Southern Kurdistan, to install the buffer zone between South- and North-Kurdistan, which was their aim last year in Heftanin, too, and to strike a major blow against the guerilla.

The attack against Gare needs to be understood by everybody as an attack against the whole revolution and a major threat to all of us. There is no difference between the occupation of Efrin, the occupation of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, a new operation against Rojava or Şengal, or the occupation of Gare. The attack on Gare-mountains aims at the heart of the revolution and the anti-fascist resistance in the region. For that reason,

We call upon everybody to get active and to take immediate action! Look at our „target map“4 of some ofthe places of Turkish fascism, their regional and international collaborators,and get creative: Block, Disturb and Occupy! Take the initiative and actions to the streets!

Together we resist fascism and occupation! Together we smash Turkish fascism and defend the revolution!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava,

RiseUp4Rojava-Network Coordination,


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