What is Democratic Confederalism?

Democratic Confederalism can be thought of as a democratic system without a state. It is a flexible, multicultural, anti-monopoly and consensus-based system. Ecology and feminism are two pillars of democratic confederalism. It proposes a type of political self-administration in which all groups of society have the opportunity to express themselves and participate in political decisions through popular assemblies of neighborhoods or villages. It calls for the establishment of an alternative economy based on the needs of the population and a fair distribution of wealth, based on a system of cooperatives.

What is Social Ecology?

Social Ecology is a school of thought which states that ecological problems have a social origin. Domination and exploitation of nature by humankind followed the emergence of systems of exploitation and domination between humans themselves. Individual changes, such as individual ethical consumption, will not be enough to deal with the major environmental problems we face. We need a structural change in the economic organization of our society, which today is based on exploitation, the hoarding of wealth and uncontrollable growth – resulting in the rapid destruction of ecosystems and the material conditions for our survival alike.

What is Hayaka?

Hayaka is a nature reserve, located west of the city of Derîk in Cizirê canton. It covers a poplar forest of over 200 hectares and the reservoir of Lake Sefan, created in the 1990s by the damming of 31 rivers. Many animal and plant species displaced by deforestation and monoculture have taken refuge in the Hayaka Nature Reserve. To preserve this natural biodiversity and some of the region’s last forests, the democratic self-administration declared the area to be a nature reserve in 2014. We plan to plant 40,000 trees in the next five years.

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