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Internationalist Commune tree nursery

As the reforestation is one of the strategic aims for the ecological work in Rojava we run a tree nursery at the Internationalist Commune campsite since the beginning of the campaign.

In 2018 and 2019 cuttings from many different types of trees have been prepared and a huge shadow roof with irrigation system has been set up. Diverse varieties of fruit trees and especially trees resistant to arid conditions, such as olive and oak have been planted. Those first cuttings have since grown well and have already been planted on the Commune campsite, spread outside to provide trees to local political structures (communities, cooperatives, institutions and municipalities) or used in reforestation projects like the one of the Hayaka natural reserve. In 2020, we continued the work in maintaining the new trees not yet ready to plant and by making new cuttings which are meant to be used in future reforestation projects as the implementation of a riparian buffer on the river down the Internationalist Commune. We also installed a small new underground greenhouse for new willow cuttings.

1 thought on “Internationalist Commune tree nursery”

  1. Hello, i want to ask about fruit trees in this area. Is possible to grow apples ? I working on project of kindergrden of fruit trees – system of – picking appples, making juice and the rest of fruits (with seeds- quantity depend about used machine) i am puttint on the ground, little bit rake it and after put some mulch on it. One year latter is on the filth a lot of small apple trees. Do you think is possible to grow some fruit trees like thios in your environment ?

    btw. my friend who visit this area said there is a lot of Silybum Marianum, its true ?

    Best wishes to project,
    Lukas Kleberc
    Czech Rep.

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