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We are setting up a tree nursery run as cooperative to contribute to the reforestation of Northern Syria!

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As the reforestation is one of the strategic aims for the begin of the ecological work in Rojava we started to set up a tree nursery. This tree nursery should be run as cooperative by internationalists and local people, and be integrated in the network of cooperatives in Rojava as part of an alternate economy.

In winter 2018 and winter 2019 we were taking cuttings from many different types of trees and started to set up a huge shadow roof with irrigation system. The tree nursery is connected to the project of setting up a gray water filter for our academy.

We are planting fruit trees and especially trees resistant to arid conditions, such as olive and oak. The nursery will provide Hayaka Nature Reserve and local political structures (communities, cooperatives, institutions and municipalities) with trees and other plants, while functioning as a place of practical research. Through targeted interventions and the use of alternative methods and technologies in the areas of water use, fertilization and recycling, we will help make Rojava green again.

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