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Harnessing wind

As the campaign “Make Rojava Green Again”, we call on our supporters around the world to help us with our next step in the work of building an ecological society. Most of the...
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Our Book: Make Rojava Green Again

“Help bring a new world into being in Rojava. And spread its vision: that a free, ecological society is possible everywhere.” – Debbie Bookchin In the beginning of this year, we started the...
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Reusing water

Water pollution and possible alternatives Much wastewater in Rojava ends up in rivers, whence it is extracted for use in agricultural irrigation. Dumping of wastewater in rivers is also common in Northern Kurdistan....
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Planting trees

In Rojava, the social origin of ecological problems is particularly visible. The Damascus regime has established a colonial-type economy in predominantly Kurdish areas. The Baath regime imposed monocultures of wheat in Cizir, olives...
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